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L. Sanford Blustin Award
Lee Blustin was a past president and one of the founders of the NSBA during its origins as the Niles Township and North Shore Bar Association. He was the NSBA photographer, who developed and provided copies of photos to everyone involved at his own expense. 

His obituary described him as a renaissance man and he was involved in many organizations; the Chicago Civic Opera among others.

The award in his honor is given to an individual who has made a significant contribution to the legal community, not necessarily to an attorney.

Recipients have included:

Hon. Margaret O’Mara Frossard

Hon. Mary Ann McMorrow

Rev. Thomas Proprocki

Herbert Franks

Hon. Timothy J. Evans

Dr. Jill Glick
Hon. Shelley Sutker-Dermer

Joel Daly

Dodie Hofstetter 

Alan Goldberg

Robert A. Clifford

Hon. Thomas R. Mulroy

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