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Gary Wild Memorial Award

Every year the NSBA honors Past President Gary Wild.  The NSBA gives a monetary award to an organization that exemplifies Gary’s character and interests.

Gary was one of our most active members.  He particularly was kind and supportive to all new members.

Additionally Gary, as a lawyer, was zealous in protecting the rights of the less fortunate.  He was a social security disability lawyer, represented parents and children in the juvenile court, and was an active member of the ACLU.

Judge Allen Goldberg, one of Gary’s friends at the NSBA, presents the NSBA donation at the yearly dinner.  Then a representative of the honored group speaks about the organization.

Recipients have included:

Cook County Assistance Hotline (CARPLA)
Center for Disability and Elder Law
Curt's Cafe
First Defense Program
James B. Moran Center
Legal Assistance Foundation of Metropolitan Chicago
Metropolitan Family Services
Midwest Center on Law and the Deaf
The Childlaw Clinic of Loyola Chicago
The Evanston Community Defender
The Lilac Tree

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