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Attorney Referral Service
The NSBA Attorney Referral Service sends referral requests to lawyer members experienced in many different areas of law. Email your legal service need to or complete the contact form and your request will be referred to an experienced attorney who handles legal matters in the area in which you seek assistance. All matters handled through the NSBA Attorney Referral Service are considered confidential.

A volunteer board member oversees the Attorney Referral program. Please allow 24 hours for the volunteer to contact you, not including weekend or holiday hours. If you need assistance reaching the volunteer after the 24-hour time period, please contact the NSBA office at 847-759-8700.

Attorney Fees

While the NSBA does not charge a referral fee, the services provided by the attorney are not free. The attorney will discuss the legal fees required to handle your matter and any fee arrangements will be made between you and the attorney to whom you are referred. There is no obligation to retain the legal services of the attorney to whom you are referred, nor is the attorney obligated to take your case after consulting with you.

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