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Suburban Bar Coalition


Michael Rothmann - Chair
Mohammed Ahmad
Michael Chvatal
Kathleen Farrell Duhig
Louis Gasperec
Emily Hansen
Kelly Moore
Richard Pullano
Kimberly Pressling
Joanna Panici

Deidre Baumann, Immediate Past Chair
Hon. Patrick Heneghan, President - North Suburban Bar
Gary Newland, President - Northwest Suburban Bar
Joanna Panici, President - South Suburban Bar
Kelly Moore, President - Southwest Suburban Bar
Jeff Harris, President - West Suburban Bar

The Suburban Bar Coalition of Cook County, Illinois (SBC) is composed of the following bar associations located in Cook County, Illinois:

      • North Suburban Bar Association (NSBA)
      • Northwest Suburban Bar Association (NWSBA) 
      • West Suburban Bar Association (WSBA) 
      • Southwest Bar Association (SWBA)
      • South Suburban Bar Association (SSBA)
The members of the SBC are composed of approximately 10 representatives from each of the suburban bar groups, collectively representing over 1,000 attorneys.

Every two years, the coalition convenes to evaluate the retention judges for the November general election. This is done in an effort to (1) educate voters, (2) hold the judges accountable, and (3) improve bench/bar relations. Attorneys from the five participating bar associations collectively spend over 500 hours investigating, interviewing, and evaluating the judges running on the retention ballot. The criteria considered fall within the following four categories.

  • Legal Ability: The intellectual capacity and industry needed to learn and understand the rules of law applicable to the facts and the dedication with which, the rules of law are applied. It also encompasses the diligence in performing judicial duties and the administration of the court's calendar in an efficient manner keeping in mind the fair opportunity for the litigants to present the facts of the controversy.

  • Judicial Temperament: The consistent demonstration of the appropriate attitude and behavior toward the litigants, the merits of the case, witnesses, the attorneys before the court and personnel assigned to work with the Judge.

  • Integrity: The commitment to follow the law and applicable ethical codes regardless of whether such judicial conduct is known to anyone other than the jurist.

  • Impartiality: The consistent ability to apply the law evenly and objectively and rule without regard to personal bias, political consequences or the likelihood of appeal.

    For more information about the SBC, please contact:
    Michael Rothmann - Chair
    c/o Law Office Martin L. Glink
    1655 N Arlington Heights Rd., Ste 100E
    Arlington Heights, IL 60004

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