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Being a NSBA Member gives you access to a multitude of member benefits. You’ll join a community of fellow like-minded lawyers from all areas of practice, where there is a wide range of opportunities for you to engage with the people who "speak your language" and face the same challenges day-to-day that you do.


Member Benefits

Build Relationships

Whether you are a new attorney, a seasoned expert, a corporate attorney, a litigator, a specialist, or someone interested in gaining a new understanding or perspective of our legal system, the NSBA is where lawyers and professionals come together to build important relationships.  It is a place where advocates and adversaries come together in the spirit of collegiality and common purpose.  It provides an opportunity for members to hear from community leaders, industry experts, judges, regulators, and policy makers who speak candidly to the Bar about hot practice topics, cutting edge technology, what’s new in the law and where the profession can better itself. 

Gain Exposure

The NSBA provides its members with exposure to the wider legal community and helps them grow into positions of leadership.  The NSBA takes pride in helping its members build extraordinary professional lives and careers. Throughout the year, the NSBA sponsors monthly meetings and events for professional career and legal development, continuing legal education, fundraising, and community outreach endeavors.  These include the annual Installation Dinner, Holiday Party, Gary Wild Dinner, Law Day, Judges Night, and many others.

Membership Categories

Regular | $105
Member admitted to any bar 3 or more years

Government Employee | $55
Judge, State's Attorney, Public Defender, etc.

Public Interest Attorney | $55
Nonprofit, Public Interest

New Lawyer | $55
Member admitted to any bar for less than 3 years

Retired Member | $55

Law Student | $0

Become a Member

The NSBA is working harder than ever to provide unprecedented value for your membership dollars. Our monthly meetings, NSBA Newsletter, email list serve, and our newly designed website are just the beginning.  If you are not already a member, please join today!  Our President is always available to answer your questions.   The NSBA encourages anyone with comments or ideas, to contact us at any time.

Use code ILNSBA10 for $10 off your membership.

Renew Your Membership

If you need to renew your membership, please log on to the NSBA website and follow the actions (Invoices and payments) on your profile screen.

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